Our History

In 1981, owner and CEO Mark VanEpps completed 4 years of army service and returned home to an economic recession and very few jobs. Instead of simply waiting around for a job to appear, Mark paved his own way. He began with painting jobs. After a time, those jobs grew and grew to the point where he added various remodeling jobs to the services he offered.

Each bit of growth came because Mark worked harder than the rest. He soon was building single-family homes as a subcontractor until he fully developed Brickwood Management Corp and went out on his own. Mark’s interest also steered towards rental property. He purchased and managed properties until he eventually started building and managing his own rental properties.

Today, Lifestyle Builders is flourishing because of the experience, hard work, and professionalism that accompanies each employee’s skills. With a team of five full-time staff and anywhere from 50-80 subcontractor employees, Lifestyle Builders can accomplish projects both great and small.

Tackling the Rochester, NY Building and Property Rental When Others Failed

A pivotal time in Brickwood Management Corp’s history was during the 2008 recession. Mark saw the economic decline and instead of halting his services, he took a risk. Mark took his savings and his 401k and went to the bank for a loan that got approved just two weeks prior to the bank shutting people off. What did this mean for Lifestyle Builders? They began the 60 townhouse build-out of King’s Crossing and the rewards which followed kept the business afloat when other construction businesses experiences an ultimate low.

We are proud to serve Rochester, NY for the last 33 years and counting. Our biggest hope is that we can provide Rochester residents a comfortable, safe place that they can call home and create memories in. We uphold values such as honesty, integrity, diligence, commitment, and relationship. These qualities guide our work and we promise to share them with you if you choose to build or rent with us.

Awards and References:

  • 2000 Better Business Bureau Award for Customer Service and Best Practices
  • Grammar School: St. Margaret Mary Irondequoit
  • High School: Bishop Kearney
  • College:  MCC, St John Fisher, University of Maryland
  • Military Service: April ’77 – Oct ’80
  • Equitable Life: Oct 80’ – Aug ’81
  • Monroe Developmental Center: Aug ’81 – Jun ’82
  • Started Contracting business: Jun ’82

If you are interested in building a new home or considering renting as an option, get in touch with us today for more information.

We can be reached at 585-880-1631 or through our website’s contact page.

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