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Ron Luchetti

I would like to take a moment and share with you just how happy I am with my recent purchase of my new home in Geneseo. Though I did not go through the ‘entire’ building process (as you know I cheated a bit and bought your model home), by working closely with Dave in the preparation of the home for me to move in I feel my home is just as personalized as it would have been if I had designed it myself.

I have been through many changes personally in the past 2 years of my life. The purchase of this home and it’s proximity to my children was a huge factor in my decision; After first seeing the home you have for sale on North Avenue in Avon , then following up with a viewing of this home, I was confident in the quality and the construction that you put into the homes. We looked at 5 different builders’ homes on the last day we went out looking and, in all honesty, none of the other homes we saw even came close to the detail we saw in your homes. Even my realtor, who has had many issues with a new home he recently had built, overwhelmingly recommended the home based on the fit and finish we observed.

The 3 main things that have made me confident in the huge investment I have made are:

  • Overall quality and workmanship of the home. Dave and Mark selected quality materials and designs, just as I would have myself. Quality, durable, solid windows throughout…fit and finish of doors and windows…top quality hardwood used in the beautiful hardwood floors…attractive, durable carpets…and qualtiy hardware such as water faucets, lighting fixtures etc.
  • Purchase process and closing timeframe on the house. The house and any alterations or improvements I requested were ready on-time and completed by closing. Closing was done in such a timeframe that I was able to make a smooth transition from my apartment to the new home before my lease expired.
  • The accessibility and follow-through by Dave. Dave frequently communicates with me to see how things are going. One of the very first things he did was to give me his phone number and e-mail address to ensure I could contact him at any time with any issues. Anything that has come up in the last few months, though minor, has been addressed quickly and thoroughly. I am comfortable that I can go to Dave with any issue at any time and know it will be taken care of.

Thank you for making this such a pleasurable experience for me and my children.

Bruce D. Amey, Avon School Superintendant

I am a recent owner of a new Brickwood home in Avon, New York. I was introduced to Brickwood Homes through Claire Sandrock and Dorinda Davidson of the Nothnagle Realty Agency. I was looking for a new home in the area, was working with Nothnagle, and was impressed with Brickwood’s willingness to custom-build my home. My wife and I visited a home that Brickwood was building in Livonia so I could see the quality of the construction. I was very impressed by the 2 x 6 exterior walls, the window quality, the kitchen cabinetry, and, overall, the quality that I saw. This is the second home we have had built and, by far, the “custom-ability” of Brickwood was enjoyable.

At first, we were given the opportunity to search floor plans via the internet. My wife and I could do this from our home in Syracuse, which is where we lived at the time. That made the house searching very convenient. We could look for the layout that best met our needs and desires. Given the plan style, Mark Van Epps, president of Brickwood, gave us a price. We wanted to add some extras and remove some of the plan features; he worked very easily with us to get the home we wanted and felt we could afford. We were given a list of items were included in the base price and then, via work order changes, we could upgrade cabinetry or flooring and include special lighting. Almost anything we wanted to do, Brickwood allowed us to. Mark’s brother Dave Van Epps was the on-site manager of the project. I was able to call Dave at any time to have questions or requests addressed.

From the day Brickwood broke ground on the construction, we were moved in within the time frame specified in our agreement. With any new home, you find things after you move in that need to be addressed. We are still working to have some things addressed, but I am confident Brickwood will make sure the job is finished. Dave has assured me that Brickwood returns after a year to fix the things that need to be touched up as the house “settles in.” Building a new home can be very stressful. Leaving a home that you have raised your family in can be very hard. Brickwood helped to make that process much easier for us and we are very pleased with our new home.

Jeff & Helen

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the wonderful job you did in constructing our home. In our decision making process, we looked at several different factors, from quality of construction, to customer service and value. We feel that we made the right decision in deciding to move forward with Brickwood Homes!

Our house was completed ahead of schedule and the quality is excellent. You had promised us that we would be in our new home by Christmas and you certainly delivered! All subcontractors were accommodating and easy to work with.

I would especially like to mention Dave Van Epps. Dave was wonderful to work with through the entire process. His attention to detail was first rate and his ability to work with us and deal with the subcontractors to ensure everything was completed was wonderful. He still contacts us to make sure we are satisfied and see if there is anything else we need. Dave is a true asset to your business and an absolute pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend Dave and Brickwood Homes to anyone who is in the market for a new home!

Jeff & Helen

We have moved into the new house more than one month, we are very happy with our new house. We appreciate you on time delivered the new house to us, it made all our arrangements easy. You demonstrated your great leadership and planning skill, and we like this business manner. We like our new house’s design, layout and the quality, It is a very solidly constructed quality house with lots of good workmanship, also it passed the 60mph wind test in the past month. We enjoy your cooperation and quick response to address problems during the house building process and after house closing. Dave did a good job on satisfying the customer. Thanks, We are very happy to do business with Brickwood Homes.

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